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Discover the artistry behind Taka's exceptional pieces. Our intricate production process ensures patterns drape elegantly with a meticulous, architectural approach.

Each piece is individually cut for seamless pattern alignment, reflecting our commitment to perfection and artisanal craftsmanship.

Our collections showcase creativity, precision, and dedication.

Thank you for appreciating the craftsmanship that defines every Taka garment.

Join us on this unique journey and be part of our story.

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Airsoft Voile

Airsoft Voile is our signature lightweight cotton fabric, perfect for breezy summer days and nights. Its versatility shines through lined pieces or creative layering options with slip dresses. Ideal for travel, this collection packs easily and promises chic, confident comfort, making it a dream for effortless summer elegance.

Tencel Lux

Introducing Tencel Lux, a luxurious and versatile fabric created with TENCEL in 2012. With itsdrapyelegance and fluidity, Tencel Lux allows for feminine and graceful silhouettes, perfect for summer. Experience the sophistication, comfort, and sustainability of Tencel Lux, offering breathability and ease of care. Elevate your summer style with the timeless beauty and endless potential of Tencel Lux.

Tencel City Chic

Introducing TENCEL CITY CHIC, our latest sustainable fashion innovation. This luxurious, eco-friendly fabric, developed with TENCEL, is perfect for everything from urban lunch dates to elegant summer weddings. Its unparalleled comfort and lustrous appeal, combined with the stunning new prints and make it a standout in our Summer Collection. Elevate your wardrobe with TENCEL CITY CHIC, where sustainability meets urban sophistication.

Breeze Lux Molly

Introducing Breeze Lux Molly, a luxurious transition fabric perfect for fall and winter. Crafted from a blend of wool, viscose, and cotton, it offers remarkable warmth and comfort while maintaining a lightweight feel. Ideal for creating timeless silhouettes, Breeze Lux Molly effortlessly transitions through seasons, blending elegance and practicality. Experience chic sophistication and versatile style with Breeze Lux Molly, redefining transitional fashion.

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