Welcome to our vibrant world.

Since 2006, we've been crafting tales of elegance through our exclusive prints and timeless designs from nature's finest fabrics, inspiring your extraordinary moments.

Together, as we journey through time, our goal is to celebrate life's joys with you through our elegant creations, empowering women to embrace their best selves.

We encourage you to infuse your wardrobe and daily lifestyle with your full creativity.

Follow your heart always, and never forget to have fun with fashion.

Thank you for your unwavering loyalty and incredible support.

With ❤️ ALWAYS,
Taka Wear

Vision & Mission

TAKA WEAR is a environmental cautious, sustainable, ethical, slow and timeless fashion brand.  

We reflect this vision in our profession though our products where our biggest mission is to constantly to improve with our R&D, design and our services for our loyal followers. 

We work hard to deliver you upscale, timeless, creative and unique fashion which will be cherished in versatile ways in your closet over a very long time. 

TAKA will continue to work hard to transform and grow for creating feminine, effortless and timeless unique pieces for your upmost liking. We are passionate about local and ethic manufacturing. The people behind your product and our role in it. At TAKA we value sustainability and quality. Each of our prints have a story and we want each garment to live the longest life possible. 

Taka Wear is made consciously, thoughtfully and locally.