Vision and Mission

TAKA is a environmental cautious, sustainable, ethical, slow and timeless fashion brand.


As our sources are limited in this planet and we are fully aware that our modern society has to develop and live in more sustainable ways. We live in era where how we produce and how we consume will make the difference in this world.


As Taka we work hard to produce in most socio-economically sustainable and eco manners as possible supporting the indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.


We reflect this vision in our profession though our products where our biggest mission is to constantly to improve with our R&D, design and our services for our loyal followers.


Though our brand we wish to take your attention to emphasize the importance of conscious consumption.


We work hard to deliver you upscale, timeless, creative and unique fashion which will be cherished in versatile ways in your closet over a very long time.


TAKA will continue to work hard to transform and grow for creating feminine, effortless and timeless unique pieces for your upmost liking.



                                             How we consume,

                                             How we buy,

                                             How we use it,


                                             How we get rid of it,


                                             We can have a conscious choice

                                             You are what you wear…

                                             Nature is our home !


                                             Come and join a better future !


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